Tamas Chirstman was born in Boulder, Colorado and grew up in the remote wilderness of the southern rocky mountains. His parents started, and to this day, operate a wildlife refuge called Mission: Wolf. It was there in these isolated mountains, surrounded by captive wolves and colorful characters, he grew up in a primitive cabin with no electricity or running water. Tamas, armed only with his imagination and the inspiration of volunteers who called Mission: Wolf their home, discovered his passion for coffee, the culinary arts, music and adventure.

Tamas founded Dragonfly Coffee Roasters in 2011 as he set out on a quest to bring the world the finest coffees possible.


Through unique and rare varieties of coffee, education, masterful roasting (he’s a chemical engineer after all), and the inextinguishable pursuit of an honest product, he had a mission to create exceptional coffee experiences for all consumers. From educating and postering sustainability across the entire supply chain, to forging relationships with small farms and farming cooperatives worldwide, Tamas brought Dragonfly to life in Boulder, Colorado where he became recognized worldwide as a leader in coffee quality and education. Currently he is working to deepen and significantly widen his impact and global presence through a strategic series of coffee, travel, food, spirits and music related entertainment endeavors. Traveling the world in search of the finest coffee, teas, spirits and spices, Tamas will reveal the unwavering spirit of the human connection with our world and our quest to discover the ultimate sensory experiences.