Only Jahmez

New Jersey rapper, OnlyJahmez is bursting onto the scene with his new release, entitled “F*ck Rules." Inspired by sounds from artists like Chief Keef and XXXTENTACION and Juice WRLD,  OnlyJahmez's innovative vocal style and modern production sets him apart from all of the other “SoundCloud Rappers.” 


“F*ck Rules” is a two-minute, high energy party song that embodies OnlyJahmez's liberated lifestyle. This track commands listeners to break free from the contrived box that society puts everyone in. “F*ck Rules” is an escape from preconceived notions of civilization. As he expresses an opposition towards serving existing power structures, OnlyJahmez imagines how people might take the power back to create their own realities. It’s a refreshing thought from a twenty-one-year-old who wants to have their own, honest voice in the music industry. 


Produced by BrandfordBeats, “F*ck Rules” is a club banger, designed to pump up the crowd, kick off any pregame, and elevate every party. This record rivals the most popular rap music, as OnlyJahmez's style diverges from prevailing rap trends. It’s not a part of the Emo-Rap wave or a standard Trap tune yet, “F*ck Rules” does feature emotionally charged vocals and characteristics of Trap production. OnlyJahmez doesn't follow anyone else, he’s paving his own lane, and it starts with “F*ck Rules.” 


Since signing with Water Music Publishing, OnlyJahmez has produced a substantial body of work and ascended the rap industry ladder, opening for mainstream rap stars like Ski Mask The Slump God and Juice WRLD. OnlyJahmez's new album, “DISCO” is slated to be released in early 2020 with a few singles now streaming on Spotify.