Just Ideas 

Just Ideas is made up of two independent Canadian producers - Josh Polasz and Jorge Pineda, from Ontario, Canada. While producing music individually for various artists, they unknowingly collaborated on a song together, having never actually met . What turned out to be a chance encounter at a performance, quickly developed into a partnership of two like-minded musicians both with an undeniable work ethic, to create great music together. Combined, Jorge and Josh are now responsible for over six million combined streams on Spotify and YouTube.

At young ages, Josh and Jorge learned how to play multiple instruments. During their high school years, they took their musical talents to another level and started producing their own beats, paving the way to where they are today. 


Over the last three years, Just Ideas has been producing for artists from all around the globe. From Latin mega producer Sensei Musica, to Grammy recording artists, DJ Flex and Beenie Man. Their sound can be heard across an array of genres including Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Latin, EDM and many more! 


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