At age 20, the singer, songwriter, and actor Elle Winter has already amassed a strong fan-base from her early successes in the music and entertainment industry. With her debut EP set to arrive March 2020, Winter's unique voice and emotional approach to songwriting is set to reach more people than ever before.


Born and raised in New York City, Winter took to music at a very young age. She was discovered by Radio Disney at age 14 and took part in their “Next Big Thing” program that included the release of several singles and a national tour in which she began building a fan-base. 


As Winter made her way through high school, she continued pursuing her music career along with acting, with roles in films Three Generations and the Netflix comedy The After Party. Throughout this period, Winter worked on new songs and independently released the single "One More” in 2018. A radio tour followed, as well as spots on The TODAY Show and the honorifics of being named Elvis Duran's Artist of the Month, as well as KIIS FM's Next Up Artist. 


In 2019, Winter signed with Sony Orchard (previously RED MUSIC) off the strength of her forthcoming EP. The songs were largely written over the past year and a half, but the music represents an artistic course that Winter set for herself six years previous. "My journey as a songwriter started many years ago," she explains. "I am so excited to release songs that tell my own stories in a vulnerable and honest way.’"


On a majority of the EP’s tracks, Winter worked with production team The Orphanage, who has notched credits on recent albums from Demi Lovato and Alessia Cara, and has given Winter’s music the unique pop flavor it possesses. "They're amazing producers—they bring my vision to life," Winter says about working with The Orphanage. “They really inspire me to be my best creative self."


The EP zeroes in on Winter’s personal experiences—who she is and where she's been—and there's no better evidence of that perspective than standout single "Yeah No," (over 800,000 streams since its release on March 6th) written in Nashville at the end of a relationship about an ex that wouldn't leave her alone. "I never realized how often I use the term “yeah no”, until I wrote the song" "It's like “Thank you, Next”—a colloquial term we all use but haven't realized how often we use it”. “It is really empowering for women to know they can be on their own and be okay”, she explains regarding the song's deeper meaning. “For all the ex-boyfriends out there who think this love is still yours—yeah, it's not."


"I want people to know that they're not alone in whatever they're experiencing," Winter continues while discussing what she hopes to achieve with her new music. "They can relate and feel a sense of community—I'm with them. We can enjoy it together." It is that communal feeling that is sure to spread when Winter's ebullient, nakedly honest pop music makes its way to listeners everywhere.


Elle continues to write and record new music. Most recently she finished a two week long visit to Stockholm working on her next project, beginning the next chapter of this rising star’s career.